Windermere is a town in Cumbria (England) with 2,295 inhabitants, located about one kilometer from the eponymous lake. Although Windermere itself does not touch the lake, it is grown together with the older lakeside town of Bowness-on-Windermere, although the two places have retained their own respective center. located in Windermere, some museums, the main attraction for visitors, however, is the lake that touches Bowness at the foot of the hill, about twenty minutes walk from the top of the village of Windermere. Until the construction of the railway in the Kendal and Windermere Railway Windermere was called Birth Waite; by the railway, the development of the village was promoted. From Windermere Railway Station of standing trains and bus services to the environment is available, to Manchester, Manchester Airport and the West Coast Main Line. The geological formations in the area are named after the village. The sedimentary rock is called Windermere Group. Windermere is connected since 1998 in a city partnership with Diessen (Upper Bavaria), where the "Friends Ammersee-Windermere e.V." The partnership maintains.