Le Clos du Valle is a peninsula that forms the northeast of the island of Guernsey. Until 1806 Le Clos du Valle was a tidal island, which was separated from the actual island of Guernsey by the tidal channel La Braye du Valle. This tidal creek was filled in 1806 by the British government for defense (against France), bringing the tidal island to the peninsula was. The peninsula forms the larger part of the two parts of the territory of the municipality (parish) Vale. The smaller part of the territory of the municipality southwest of the peninsula consists of the districts Pleinhaume and vingtaine de l'Epine, while Le Clos du Valle divided in L'Ancresse Common and Bordeaux. The two parts of the territory are separated by the territory of the municipality of Saint Sampson, forms its northern boundary of the former La Braye du Valle. The peninsula is a maximum of 4.3 kilometers wide at its narrowest point, the earlier in the La Braye du Valle, but only 2.1 km away. The length is 3.2 km, and the surface area of ​​about seven square kilometers.