Ravenglass is a small coastal town in Cumbria, England. The town lies on the estuary of the rivers Esk, Mite and Irt and has a natural harbor. Ravenglass is the only coastal town in the Lake District National Park. The place exists at least since the second century, when it was an important naval base for the Romans. The place was the southernmost point of the coastal defense of Cumbria, which was an extension of Hadrian's Wall. A road linking the village with the camps on the Hard Knott Pass and went on to a camp near the present Ambleside. The Romans were about 300 years established at this location. The only still visible Roman remains are the ruins of a bath house called Walls Castle. The Bath House is managed by English Heritage and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site Hadrian's Wall. Ravenglass received in 1208 by King John the markets, weekly Saturday market takes place after. On August 5, a fair is held every year after the royal privilege. Ravenglass is on the Cumbrian Coast Line railroad and is the western end of the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway.