Quethiock is a community in the former District Caradon of the county of Cornwall in England with 429 inhabitants (as of 2001). The community is located in southeastern Cornwall, between the two north-south rivers Lynher and Tiddy. Quethiock borders St Ive in the north, Menheniot in the west, and Landrake with St Erney in the south. Sights include a Gothic parish church and a Cornish cross. The church is decorated in Perpendicular Style, a late Gothic English style with a nave, a north aisle with four arches, a north and south transept and a choir. The tower on the west side of the nave can be assigned to the period of Decorated Style and is therefore older than the nave. The church is dedicated to a saint named Hugo. However, it is unclear which Hugo is meant. Possible candidates are Hugo von Cluny or Hugo von Lincoln. Since the congregation is probably much older, this dedication occurred only after its founding or the dedication refers to an unknown former saint named Hugo. The granite cross is located south of the church near the perimeter wall. The preserved four individual parts of the cross were discovered in 1881 during construction and then assembled in the immediate vicinity of the site and rebuilt. With a height of just over four meters, it is one of the highest in Cornwall. The cross is decorated with knot patterns, which, however, have partly suffered considerably.