Peterlee is a so-called New Town was founded in County Durham in the North East of England and comprises several built-up areas. This Neustadt ups should relieve congested urban centers after the Second World War. Your name, the city received after a locally known miners, Peter Lee, in 1948. The population was initially primarily from miners. The city has 30,093 inhabitants (as of 2001) and is part of the unitary authority County Durham. Peterlee is different from other Neustadt-ups, such as Welwyn Garden City, in that it has been requested at the express wish of the people through their political representatives (Members of Parliament) and not initiated by the government. A deputation of the district Easington, consisting predominantly of miners met after the Second World War with the Minister of Urban and Regional Planning (Minister of Town and Country Planning), John Silkin, and reached it that the application for a merger of several villages in district was approved to a city and carried out. The inhabitants of the new city was present at approximately 30,000 people. Since 1981 there is the about the same big city Nordenham at the Unterweser twinned. There are regular both public and private meetings statt.Bereits since 1975 is twinned with the town of Baesweiler - North District of Aachen - Deutschland.Auch here regularly find both public and private meetings held.