Paisley (schott. Gael. Pàislig) is a town in the Scottish Lowlands. It is located about 11.1 kilometers west of Glasgow. Paisley is the administrative center of the unitary authority Renfrewshire. In the town of 76,834 inhabitants. Thus Paisley is the fifth largest city in Scotland. Paisley is a university town. The University of the West of Scotland was formed in 1992 from Paisley College produced and contributed to 2007 the name University of Paisley. Since August 2007, the University of Paisley and Bell College are combined and performed under the name of University of the West of Scotland in December of 2007. thus study now more than 18,000 students at the entire university. known is the city, not least by the named after her paisley pattern for textiles. In addition, Paisley is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Paisley. Paisley is twinned with Fürth in Bavaria. Between 1793 and 1918, Paisley location of the distillery Saucel, which was among the largest of its kind in Scotland.