Oundle is an English town with 5,345 inhabitants (2001) on the Nene in Northamptonshire. It is located about 20 km southwest of Peterborough in the district of East Northamptonshire. The place is known for the boarding school Oundle School, which was founded out of the assets of William Laxton, who was born in Oundle and in 1544 Lord Mayor of London was. Furthermore, Oundle seat of the motor yacht manufacturer Fairline. St Peter's Church in Oundle has the 210-foot (about 64 m) highest church tower in Northamptonshire. The church was in the public eye as a church court in 1996 ruled that she could grow a gargoyle with the face of Bill Westwood the Bishop of Peterborough, although some community members had objected. With the French community Andrésy is a community partnership for the 2,001th