Morar (Gaelic MORAR) is a village on the west coast of Scotland with about 250 residents. It is located about three kilometers south of Mallaig in the Council area Highland. Morar was only in 1901 during the construction of the West Highland Railway, which connects Fort William with Mallaig. Accordingly, Morar has, despite its small size, a train station. Morar today lives mainly from tourism. The tourists come mainly because of leading through the town scenic road Road to the Isles and because of lying directly on the outskirts Silver Sands of Morar. This is a particularly scenic coastal strip around the mouth of the river Morar whose sand silvery shine in sunlight. Much of the beach scenes in the film Local Hero was filmed there. On the outskirts there is a hydroelectric power plant, in the use of water from the Morar electric current is generated. Morar there is a bigger hotel and several houses and holiday homes. The village is accessible by bus directly from Fort William and connected by rail without change at Glasgow. * Morar Viaduct * Morar Station * Silver Sands of Morar