Lochinver (Gaelic hole at Inbhir) is a seaport in the northwestern Highlands of Scotland. The name derives from the River Inver, located at the mouth of Lochinver. Lochinver is located north of Ullapool and west of Loch Assynt in the very sparsely populated former Scottish county of Sutherland in the Council area Highland. The main economic factors of the area are fishing and tourism. The major source of income and a landmark of the town is the port of Lochinver. In the 1990s, the port was renewed and improved. This port is mainly visited by Spanish, French and Portuguese fleets. Another attraction are the inverse Loch Culag Woods. Furthermore, there are in Lochinver a war memorial for the fallen soldiers of World War I on one side and the fallen of World War II from Lochinver on the other side. Lochinver as the largest settlement in the area of ​​Assynt has two supermarkets, a butcher, a bank, post office, police, gas station, restaurants and a shop for household and outdoor articles. Furthermore, several small sleeping places exist.