Kyleakin (Caol Acain of Scottish Gaelic, German: Haakonsstraße) is a village in the southeast of the Isle of Skye, which is one of the Inner Hebrides. The inhabitants of the village in 2006 was significantly lower than 1000. Kyleakin is located opposite the place Kyle of Lochalsh. Both places are separated only by the rather narrow at this point Lochalsh. By the year 1995, when the Skye Bridge was opened, the place was Ferry for traffic between the Scottish mainland with the ferry Kyle of Lochalsh and Skye. There was a continuous shuttle the ferry company Caledonian MacBrayne with two, in the summer partly three ferries that drove around the clock. But progress was made in recent years before the opening of the bridge due to the increasing tourism, especially in the summer jams in place on the agenda.