Kendal is a town in North West England. It was the largest town in the county of Westmorland, which was in 1974 part of Cumbria newly formed. The city has 27,521 inhabitants (2001), is the administrative center of the district of South Lakeland and is on the river Kent. From this river gave its name. For centuries, Kendal was an important market town. The city is the southern access to the Lake District and is connected through the railroad in the Windermere line that branches off from the West Coast Main Line to the railway network. The city also has a direct connection to the M6 ​​motorway. In the Middle Ages Kendal was famous for the production of woolen fabrics, especially the heavy "Kendal Green" was famous because it was worn by archers in the wars with the French. The ruins of Kendal Castle (12th century) looks over the city. Here one of the wives of Henry VIII. Was Catherine Parr, born.