Hounslow East is an aboveground station London Underground in the urban district London Borough of Hounslow. It lies in the Travelcard Zone 4 at the Kingsley Road. In 2013, took 4.34 million passengers these of the Piccadilly Line station. The Metropolitan District Railway (MDR, predecessor of today's District Line) opened on 21 July 1884, the route between Osterley & Spring Grove and Hounslow Barracks (now Hounslow West). In the immediate vicinity of a year ago opened terminal station Hounslow Town was located. After completion of the electrification of the direct connection was closed because now all trains used in Hounslow Town and west of it came back to the main line via a connecting curve. However, this form of operation proved to be impractical, so the MDR Hounslow Town and concluded on May 1, 1909 on the following day, the 300 meters north to Hounslow East on the direct connection as an alternative opened. The new station was first called also Hounslow Town and received on December 1, 1925 its current name. On March 13, 1933 for the first time wrong and trains on the Piccadilly Line. Since October 9, 1964, she is the only line on the section west of Acton Town, since the District Line was shortened.