Heywood is a town between Bury, Rochdale and Lancashire in northwestern England with 28,000 inhabitants (Census 2001). The city is part of the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester and the administrative headquarters of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale and becomes the constituency "Heywood and Middleton" counted the British Parliament. Heywood is located along the highway M66 and can be reached by train through the East Lancashire Railway, the railway line is more of a tourist attraction. Its name goes back to a certain Piers Ewood, who lived around 1164 in the eponymous hamlet in Lancashire and an ancestor of Peter Heywood from the Bounty was. 1717 sold the Heywoods who fought in the English Civil War on the side of the royalists and lost most of their assets, their built in the 13th century and rebuilt in 1611 the headquarters Heywood Hall to John Starkey of Rochdale. In 1960 the building was demolished. Since 1967 Peine in Germany is a twin city of Heywoods.