Greenford is a railway station in the urban district London Borough of Ealing. It lies in the Travelcard Zone 4 at the Oldfield Lane North. The station is operated one hand on the Central Line of the London Underground, on the other hand by the railway company Great Western Railway, run the commuter trains from Greenford over Ealing Broadway to Paddington. In 2013, 4.35 million subway passengers used the station, added 0.191 million passengers of the railroad. Greenford has a structural feature, a combination of island and cross-platform. The subway stops at the two longitudinal sides, in between a single track for the suburban line. Two other tracks that serve the freight and express traffic, have no connection to the station. The New North Main Line (NNML), an only sparsely used link between the Chiltern Main Line and the Great Western Main Line, also passes through the station. The platforms were removed however 1,963th On October 1, 1904, the Great Western Railway opened the Greenford station on the NNML, which was built in the year before. As part of the 1935 New Works approved programs of the London Passenger Transport Board was moved an additional double track along the NNML after the end of World War II to enable the metro operation between North Acton and West Ruislip. The Central Line sailed the section to Greenford from 30 June 1947. Around half years was here last stop, from 11 November 1948, the subway trains ran on to West Ruislip.