Filton is a suburb in the north east of Bristol in southwest England with a population of 10,000. The origins of the place and the church at its center can be traced back to the 12th century. Its name goes back to the Old English combination of feleþe (hay) and do (farm field) back. The city is the center of the aviation industry. There is an Airbus plant and a Rolls-Royce engine plant. In 1910, the predecessor of the Bristol Airplane Company was founded in Filton in turn, is a predecessor of the resident also on site BAE Systems. After the Second World War, the Bristol Cars was formed by the Bristol Airplane Company, which manufactures sports cars in small series also on site. From the airport Filton British prototype 002 Concorde began on April 9, 1969 its first flight. After the historic last flight of Concorde, this machine is visible with the aircraft registration G-BOAF since 26 November 2003 at the local aviation museum.