The Falmouth Docks & Engineering Company, shortly Falmouth Docks, was the port business operation of the port of Falmouth. He ran a yard with four dry docks and piers for goods handling and storage or further transport. The company was founded 1858th The first dry dock shipyard took 1861 its operation, which associated with the Cornwall Railway Company followed in 1863. 1865 an agreement with the Peruvian government was closed, which regulated the guano import via Falmouth. To meet the demand in this lucrative trade for years to meet additional warehouses were built. 1870 large quantities were exported to china clay and iron before the more direct railway line to Fowey shifted to export there for several years. Since 1908, the company was led by Public Works Loan Commissioners as shipyards. From 1918, the London-based R & H Green & Silley Weir took Ltd. the yard and added the now two dry docks two more. Along with the ship repair company Silley, Cox & Co Ltd. The company was nationalized in 1977 and went up in the British Shipbuilders, where as Falmouth Shiprepairers Ltd. was continued. The company was privatized in 1985 and sold in 1991 to the A & P Group, of which it is still regarded as A & P Falmouth is operated.