Dumbarton (Gaelic Dùn Bhreatann) is a city in Scotland with 19,969 inhabitants. The city is located on the Firth of Clyde at the mouth of the River Leven. On the volcanic basalt rock Dumbarton is Dumbarton Castle, which is the oldest castle in Scotland. Dumbarton was from the 5th century the capital of early medieval Kingdom of Strathclyde, then capital of the traditional county of Dunbartonshire. Today it is the capital of the prefecture West Dunbartonshire. From the 18th century until about 1960 Dumbarton was a center of shipbuilding. Dumbarton is the birthplace of painter George Harcourt and William Strang, the singer David Byrne and the Formula 1 racing driver Jackie Stewart. * Downtown area * Residential high-rises on the banks of Leven * Look at Dumbarton on the Clyde, right in the background next to the Dumbarton Rock is Ben Lomond.