Bridgnorth is a town in the county of Shropshire in the heart of England. It counts 12,374 inhabitants (update 2012) and was the administrative seat of the 2009 resolved district of the same. The medieval city is divided by the Severn into an upper and lower town, because the right bank is about 60 meters higher than the left. The River Severn has seen the growth of Bridgnorth from an old strategic crossing place at a busy market town, which is Bridgnorth today. With its old houses and pubs, steep river levels, the Norman castle and the small cable car is a popular destination is. Although the Church of St. Leonard goes to Norman times back (traces of it in the south tower), but she was 1861 rebuilt almost entirely in neo-Gothic style. Only that arose in the 17th century engraving beam ceiling above the nave was preserved. Interesting are the many old cast-iron plaques. Other attractions in Bridgnorth are the Bridgnorth Cliff Railway (this track is the oldest and steepest domestic electric cliff railway in the country) and the Daniels Mill, a water mill. Bridgnorth is an end point of the museum railway Severn Valley Kidderminster Railway according bridgnorth.