Braemar (Scottish Gaelic Baile a 'Chaisteil) is a village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It is located about 93 kilometers west of Aberdeen in the Scottish Highlands. Braemar is the nearest large town on the upper reaches of the River Dee and is the unofficial capital of Deeside. On the first Saturday in September, the annual Highland Games are held in Braemar, traditionally the presence of the royal family. The Gaelic Braigh Mhàrr actually refers to the area of ​​the upper Marr (in the literary meaning), ie the area of ​​Marr to the west of Aboyne. The village's name means "Castle of Braemar" (Baile a 'Chaisteal Bhràigh Mhàrr). In the census of 1891, 59.2\% of the population Scottish Gaelic reported as their mother tongue. The percentage of those who really ruled the language was probably much higher. In the small farming town Inverey (Inbhir EIDHR) was spoken Gaelic of 86.3\% of the population. Much of the non-gälischsprechenden population came from the lower Deeside. The Scottish Gaelic, which is spoken in the Aberdeenshire has great similarity with the Gaelic dialects of Strathspey and East Perthshire. The last native speaker of the local Gaelic dialect died in 1984. But there is spokesman for the similar dialect of Strathspey. The area around Braemar is characterized Catholic. The bones of St. Andrew were kept here before being taken to St Andrews. The local Catholic Church has him as a patron.