Boscastle (cornish fort BOTEREL) is a coastal community of Forrabury in the northern English county of Cornwall on the Atlantic coast. The place is located in a narrow valley at the confluence of the rivers Jordan, Valency and Paradise. Tourism is the main source of Boscastle. The center in Elizabethan style is arranged around the idyllic harbor. This was created by Sir Richard Grenville in 1587 and used until the 19th century for the removal of slate from nearby quarries. The harbor walls of natural stone protect the city from storm surges also. The port as well as large parts of the town and the area are managed by the National Trust and maintained. Another attraction is the Museum of Witchcraft, which houses the world's largest collection of concerns associated with magic artifacts. At the southern end of the town are the ruins of Bottreaux Castle from the 11th century that gave the place its name. Most of the castle was demolished in the 16th century to use the stones for new houses in Boscastle. The place is also not far from the ruins of Tintagel Castle, which has been associated to date with King Arthur. Another tourist attraction is the Highcliff, with 221 meters the highest cliff in Cornwall.