Birmingham New Street is the main station of the British city of Birmingham. It is located in the city center on the West Coast Main Line and is one of the most important hubs of the UK rail network. Due to its central location for trains from different parts of the country at this station. Its objectives include London, Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland, Cardiff, North Wales, Bristol, Penzance, Nottingham, Leicester, Shrewsbury and Newcastle upon Tyne. The station is also the final destination of several suburban lines in the West Midlands region, leading for example to Lichfield and Redditch. More than 35 million people per year use the New Street Station. He is the busiest station in the UK outside of London and one of 17 stations, which are operated by the infrastructure company Network Rail. Travelers find the New Street Station uncomfortable, no other British main station is estimated as small as this. It is an investment of £ 550 million provided to renew it.