Bell Hill is a place in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, located in the suburbs of Glasgow, two miles north of Motherwell. Bellshill had in 2011 20.634 inhabitants. The earliest evidence of a settlement in the region of Bell Hill is a place called Belmill, who was arrested on a map of Timothy Pont in the year 1654th The village consisted of a row of houses that belonged to a Mr. Bell, who had a stone mine south of it. When the mine closed, disappeared also the place and a settlement was near and was called Crossgates. Around 1810, the place took on the name Bellshill and continued to grow. Here nearby communities such as Black Moss and Sykehead were incorporated. Mid-19th century large coal and iron deposits were discovered nearby and some mines were established. The rapid growth also brought immigrants from outside of Bell Hill, some even from Lithuania. created numerous train stations nearby, as in Mossend, Fallside and Bell Cross. In the 1870s, a hospital was built. During World War I, the hospital specializes in infectious diseases. According to a report of the Halifax Building Society Bell Hill was in the first quarter of 2005, the place in the UK, where house prices have risen most strongly with 46\%.