Belfast [bɛɫfɑːst] (Irish Béal Feirste [ˌbʲeːʟˠ fʲɛɾʲʃtʲə]) is the capital of Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the second largest city of the Irish island to Dublin. Belfast has 280,537 inhabitants (2012) and lies at the mouth of the River Lagan in the Bay of Belfast (Belfast Lough English). The city has the status of a City and is one of the eleven Northern Irish counties. In the Dublin-Belfast corridor along the highway live three of the six million Irish. Belfast is the seat of a Catholic bishop (Bistum Down and Connor) and an Anglican Bishop (Bistum Down and Dromore), University City and has a port. The city is also the seat of the Government and the Parliament of Northern Ireland. Inner-city areas of Belfast were mainly in the 1970s to the scenes of the Northern Ireland conflict.