Bedford (engl./kelt. Birch for ford) is the capital of the English county of Bedfordshire. The 87,703 inhabitants, is the administrative center of the Borough of Bedford. The inhabitants has increased considerably in recent decades. Bedford was home and the prison by the English writer John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim's Progress. The last execution in the United Kingdom also took place in the prison in Bedford. The Great Ouse River flows through the city center. In Bedford there is the largest settlement of Italian immigrants in the UK; In 2000, 10\% of the population had Italian ancestors. This is the result of a strong guest worker recruitment in the early 1950s by the London Brick Company in the southern regions of Italy. Southwest of Bedford was between floor Town and Cardington Cardington airfield RAF. It was opened in 1915, used as airfield to 1971 and its hangars were restored 2012-2015.