Barvas (Gaelic: Barabhas or Barbhas) is a community on the outer island of Lewis in Scotland. The name is Old Norse origin like many settlement names in the Hebrides. Its importance, however, is unclear. Since 1810 there is a community book, were regularly documented in the baptisms and weddings as well as alms to the needy. The municipality had 2,037 inhabitants in 2011 and is located at an intersection of the A 857 and A 858. To the north, the road leads to Ness, Carloway west to south to Stornoway. According to the 2011 census, the municipality has the highest concentration of Scottish Gaelic speakers in Scotland (64\% of the population). In the 2001 census, yet 73\% of residents claimed to speak Scottish Gaelic in everyday life. At the beginning of the millennium, there was a controversy over the construction of Europe's largest wind farm, which was planned for Barvas Moor. The Scottish Government's proposals for 2008, however, rejected.