Bardon Mill

Bardon Mill is a village on the River Tyne in Northumberland, England. It is located about 16 kilometers west of Hexham and is located on the northeastern foothills of the Pennines. Not far from the village are Hadrian's Wall Path and the remnants of Hadrian's Wall. The municipality borders the Northumberland National Park to the north. Bardon Mill is on the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway, which connects Newcastle upon Tyne with Carlisle in Cumbria. In the immediate vicinity are the castles of Vindolanda and Vercovicium, which are among the best-researched Roman garrison grounds in the UK. The English writer Lilian Bowes Lyon, a cousin of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the mother of Elizabeth II, was born and grew up on the Ridley Hall estate near Bardon Mill.