Atherstone is a town in Warwickshire in England of 12,000 people. The town lies at the northern tip of the county and is the administrative headquarters of the district North Warwickshire. Atherstone has a history that dates back to the Roman times. An important fort, Manduessedum, stood nearby, and the Roman road Watling Street (now the A5) led through the city. Atherstone is one of the places from which it is assumed that the queen Boudicca defeated there in the decisive battle against the Romans under Gaius Suetonius Paulinus. This is so far unoccupied. In the city there used Hutmanufakturen, but were included in the 1960's. Atherstone is one of the few cities in England that football maintained the tradition of the annual Shrove Tuesday Football (Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday), or mob, played on public roads. Atherstone is the seat of the British Aldi office.