Amersham is situated north-west of London City in Buckinghamshire, England, and the administrative center of the district of Chiltern. Amersham has about 14,500 inhabitants (2011) and consists of two parts: Amersham on the Hill and Old Amersham, where u is. a. an old church from the 13th century (Saint Mary's Church), a Tesco supermarket and some older Inns are. However, the history of the site dates back to the vorangelsächsische time when it is occupied as Agmondesham. Amersham is also known by the local pharmaceutical company Amersham plc. Amersham is accessed through the London Underground, the Amersham station is the terminus of the Metropolitan Line. Amersham has several schools, an indoor pool, a public library and public parks and several shops in town.