Aberdeen [æbədiːn] (sco .: Aiberdeen [ebərdin]; Scottish Gaelic: Obar Dheathain [opər ʝɛhɪn], "mouth of the Dee", officially City of Aberdeen) is a city in the northeast of Scotland in the UK. The city is one of 32 council areas in Scotland and has two universities, of which the University of Aberdeen was founded already in 1495 as the third university in Scotland. Students make up about ten percent of the population. But the city has since the 12th century. Typical of the cityscape is the silver-gray granite from the former surrounding quarries. When the sun shines, the mica content in the granite starts to glisten why Aberdeen is sometimes called Silver City. Or Flower City, because thanks to their flower gardens, the city has repeatedly won the contest Britain in Bloom. Since the early 1970s the first oil fields were developed in the North Sea, the port city soon became the main supply center for offshore platforms. On a clear day you could see the Erdölbohr platforms off the coast naked eye.