Hatta (Arabic حتا, DMG Hatta) is located in the Al Hajar Mountains in an enclave of Dubai, on the border with Oman and is located about 100 km south-east of Dubai city. Hatta extends far pulled apart in the plane to the slopes of the Hadschar. Due to the altitude conditions prevailing in Hatta a milder climate than in Dubai. The old part of the city was reconstructed for tourism; Focus is a continuation from the 18th century. There is also the Hatta Fort Hotel. Near an artificially dammed lake. Hatta there are three Sheikh palaces, seven mosques, three schools, two police stations, two clinics, two gas stations, two banks, a post office, fire station, building of the city administration, a public library, a radio tower and a football field. Slightly higher is on a hill, the old village of Hatta. Overlooked is it by the Hatta Fort with two mighty towers from the 18th century. Here in the old village is also located, built in 1780 Juma Mosque, the oldest building in Hatta, and about 30 mud houses. All the buildings are reconstructed as a so-called Heritage Village, are shown in the scenes from the historical daily and open to the public. the traditional water supply (Aflaj Irrigation Systems of Oman) system has also been restored.