Skole (Ukrainian and Russian Сколе) is a Ukrainian town of about 6,500 inhabitants. * Church in * Church and bell tower of the church St.Paraskeva It is located in the Lviv Oblast and is located southwest of the district capital Lviv at the northern foot of the Carpathians. 1397 the place for the first time was mentioned in writing. Due to its location on a major trade route between Kiev / Russia and Hungary, it has been shaped by many different nations. Once it was in the hands of the Polish nobility under the existing since the end of the 14th century Polish rule, and German craftsmen were brought into the country, the economy flourish ließen.Eine for the city-determining person was Baron Gredel and his family. 1887 the place got a railway connection to the continued construction of the 1,871 already projected railway line from Lviv to Munkács on Stryj, 1880 lived here 2,047 inhabitants (mostly Poles, Ruthenians and German). On March 30, 1888 burned much of the village (100 houses from a total of 300) nieder.1913 the place had 8,700 inhabitants, of which 3,200 Jews, 2,700 Poles, 2,500 Ruthenians and 400 German. From 1911 to 1918 the town was also the seat of district administration, after the end of Austria-Hungary in 1918 of the previously located in Galicia city fell to Poland and was here in 1921 in the province Stanislau. Since 1939/1945, it is then a part of Ukraine.