Reni (Ukrainian Рені, Russian Reni) is a city in southern Ukraine in Budzhak, located about 220 kilometers southwest of Odessa and 20 kilometers from the Romanian city of Galaţi. It is the center of the eponymous Rajon Reni and is located at the mouth of the Prut in the Danube. The town was founded in 1548 and was next to Galaţi one of the two seaports of the Principality of Moldova. In 1812, the city was occupied by Russia and came to the governorate of Bessarabia. In 1821, Reni was granted city status. In 1856, after Russia lost the Crimean War, the city returned to the Principality of Moldavia, later to the Principality of Wallachia. In 1878, however, it was re-annexed to Russia. After the end of the First World War, Reni arrived, as did the rest of the today's southern Odessa Oblast to Romania, where it remained until 1940 and again from 1941 to 1944.Sither it is part of the Ukrainian SSR and since 1991 today's Ukraine. About half of the inhabitants of the city are Romanians, the rest of the population is divided among the ethnic groups of Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians and Gagauz. Due to its location near the border with Romania and Moldova and the former affiliation with Romania, a railway line runs from Romania to Moldova through the city, but this has no direct connection to the railway network of the rest of Ukraine.