Kairouan, rare Kairouan (Arabic القيروان, DMG al-Qairawan), is a city in Tunisia with about 120,000 inhabitants. It is 150 km southwest of Tunis, 50 km west of Sousse and is the capital of the governorate of Kairouan same name. Until the 11th century the city was an important center of Islamic learning in North Africa (Ifriqiya). With the old town and its oriental tradition according to guilds orderly markets, with its mosques and other religious buildings Kairouan is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage since 1988th By resolution of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), a specialized agency of the Muslim World League, was Kairouan "Capital of Islamic Culture 2009". After the revolution in Tunisia 2010/2011, Kairouan has become a stronghold of the Salafist. Many Tunisians applies the city as a warning.