Solothurn (at the local Swiss German dialect Soledurn [sɔlədʊːrn] or [sɔːlədʊːrn], French Soleure, Italian Soletta, Romansh Soloturn? / I, Latin Salodurum) is a municipality and the capital of the canton of Solothurn. The town is a district of its own. Because of the former seat of the French Embassy (.. 16th-18th century) is called Solothurn traditional "City of Ambassadors", because of their patron saint and the name of the cathedral, too, "St. Ursen City". The old town in its present state was built mostly from 1520 to 1790 and, accordingly, is a mixture of different architectural styles, but especially the Baroque, so Solothurn is regarded as "the most beautiful baroque city of Switzerland".