Risch [riːʃ] (mostly called Risch Red Cross) is a municipality in the canton of Zug in Switzerland. The municipality is formed from the town of Rotkreuz and the villages Risch, Buonas and wooden houses. It is located in the Ennetsee region and is part of the metropolitan region of Zurich. Because of this and because of its status as an energy city and a low tax rate, Risch is one of the most attractive municipalities in the Swiss Confederation and has the highest quality of location in Switzerland. With around 1.7 percent annual population growth, Risch is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Switzerland, and with 10,439 inhabitants with economic residence (30 June 2015) the fourth largest municipality in the canton of Zug. In the history of the municipality Risch took place after the military intervention of France from 1798 the merger of the Bailiwick Gangolfswil and the rule of Buona to the present political community Risch. The construction of the railway made Rotkreuz an economic center and, through the construction of the town hall, the capital of the municipality of Risch, which is why it is called the Risch Rotkreuz de facto. In 2009 Risch celebrated its 850th anniversary. The community is known by Peter von Hertenstein, who founded the Pontifical Swiss Guard here, the estate Aabach, the locks Buonas and Freudenberg, the largest golf course in Switzerland, the important station Rotkreuz and as a regionally important pharmaceutical site by Roche Diagnostics (headquarters and training center) and Novartis (location centralization).