The town of Frauenfeld (in the local dialect [(ts) fʀaʊəfɛld̥] older [(ts) frɔʊəfɛld̥]) is a municipality and the capital of the Swiss canton Thurgau and the district Frauenfeld. Due to its geographical location and the economic and political positioning Frauenfeld belongs both to the metropolitan region of Zurich as well as for Eastern Switzerland. Together with the neighboring communities Hausen and Gachnang it forms the agglomeration Frauenfeld with around 31,000 inhabitants. On thus one of the Mother of God consecrated hall, a plateau that drops to the west steeply into the Thur plain to the south in a rocky fall for Murg "our dear women field", the core of the city Frauenfeld from about 1230 on a rectangle of 250 was x 110 meters built. The present city Frauenfeld consists of the eight quarters suburbs (old town and upper suburb), Ergaten-Talbach, Kurzdorf, Langsdorf, Herten-Bann stockpile, Huben, Gerlikon and Erzenholz-Horgenbach-Osterhalden.