Sangis is a place (resort) in the Swedish province of Norrbotten County, in the historic province (landskap) Norrbotten. Sangis belongs to the municipality Kalix and within this since January 1, 2016 the district Nederkalix, named after the parish (socken), which bears this name since 1644. It is located almost 70 km as the crow flies northeast of the provincial capital Luleå and 15 km east of Kalix on the right bank of the river Sangisälven, just above its mouth in the bay Sangisfjärden the Bottenwiek the Baltic Sea. Through the village leads the European route 4 (Europaväg 4). The provincial road Länsväg 398 branches off to the west, which follows the Sangisälven to the north and finally reaches Riksväg 99, which runs along the Finnish border at Hedenäset south of Övertorneå. The wooden church of Sangis was built in 1915 and rebuilt in the 1950s. Three kilometers southwest of the village is located near the European Route of the Sangishögen, a barrow from the Viking Age.