Kivik is a place in the Swedish municipality of Simrishamn. It is located in the southern Swedish province of Skåne County and the historic province of Scania, on the Baltic coast. The place is known for Kiviks marknad, with 150,000 visitors (2010) one of the largest fairs in Sweden. there is the grave of Kivik and Stenshuvud National Park nearby. To Kivik around there are many apple orchards, whose yield is processed in the city and cider sold in Äpplemarknaden. Also fishing is an important industry. Near the village is the grave of Kivik and the grave field of Bredarör. This consists of a tight, 20 meters measured stone circle with a large central shell stone and a 60 meter long boat reduction with two center blocks. It even found another 130 graves, but these are mostly nondescript.