Hedemora is the capital of the Swedish municipality Hedemora in the province of Dalarna County and the historic province of Dalarna. In 2010 the place 7273 inhabitants in an area of ​​612 hectares had. In the Middle Ages the place was called, lies on the Hedemora today Henemora and was on a trade route from central Sweden to Kopparberget (today Falun). For this reason, Hedemora received already in 1446 the market privileges and finally in 1459 a city. The city is the oldest in Dalarna. Hedemora Gamla Theater in Hedemora is part of the European Route of Historic Theaters. Hedemora is located between the lakes and Brunnsjön Hofran and about two kilometers from the mouth of the Dalälvens in the latter. * Aerial view of Hedemora * Hedemora in 1700 * Train Station Hedemora 2010 * Hedemora Gammelgård