Avesta is a city in the Swedish province of Dalarna and the chief town of the same name (kommun). In place names, the 1303 still Aghastadhum was written come ave (extension of a watercourse) and stadher (Old Swedish for office or yard) in front. The settlement is the Dalälven River, which forms two waterfalls here. It is a railway junction and an old industrial standpoint. Already about 350 years began here with the metal production and metal finishing. First copper smelters there were from the 17th century in the area. In an earlier industrial landscape, the so-called Koppardalen (Kupfertal), now small businesses have established themselves. One attraction of Avesta is the resting place Dalahästen the largest Dala horse in the world. Near the city there is also a remarkable bison park. For the district Krylbo with the station Avesta Krylbo Krylbo see.