Russia (Russian Россия [rɐsʲijə] Pronunciation / i, transcription Rossiya?) Or the Russian Federation (or more rarely Russian Federation comprises;? Russian Российская Федерация, pronunciation / i, transcription Rossiyskaya Federazija) is an intercontinental, federal state in the northeastern Eurasia and in area the largest country in the world. After the Russian Constitution, the two names Russia and the Russian Federation are equal. Russia counts with around 144 million inhabitants to around 17 million square kilometers of the world's most sparsely settled nations. The country's capital is Moscow. Another important center of St. Petersburg is considered, which was from 1712 to 1918 capital and forms an architectural and cultural bridge Russia to Western Europe. Russia today evolved from the Grand Duchy of Moscow, part of the former principality of East Slavic empire Kievan Rus, counting to over a hundred ethnic multi-ethnic state, where ethnic Russians now account for about 81 percent of the population. The federal structure of Russia consists of nine federal districts and 85 federal subjects. The Russian Federation is "continuer state" of the Soviet Union in international organizations, nuclear power and a permanent member of the Security Council. After recovery from the post-communist transformation crisis of the 1990s and in a restricted or defective variant of democracy, Russia was the sixth largest by purchasing power parity economy in the world.