Wdzydze (Kashubian Kiszewsczé Wdzëdzé, German 1874-1920 Wdzidzen, 1942-1945 Sand Village) is a Kashubian village in Poland in Pomeranian province. It belongs to the Gmina Kościerzyna (Berent) in kościerzyna county. The village is situated on the lake Wdzydze (Weitsee). In its first mention in 1280 Wdzydze shelter Kiszewskie the Star of the East Stara Kiszewa (Alt Kischau). End of the 17th century, the population consisted of 11 fishing families. 1770 lived another 40 people in the village. Created from poverty-related depopulation out in the 19th century open-air museum has become the economic base of the village.