Stettin (Polish Szczecin [ʂt͡ʂɛt͡ɕin]; listen / i?) Is the capital of the Polish West Pomeranian Province and as a county-level city with nearly 410,000 inhabitants, is the seventh largest city in Poland. The city is located in northwestern Poland in the Baltic Sea region at the mouth of the Oder the Szczecin Lagoon. It borders with its suburbs to the German states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg and is approximately 570 km from the Polish capital Warsaw, 240 km from Poznan and Rostock as well as 150 km from the German capital Berlin. The Polish-German Szczecin Metropolitan has over 760,000 inhabitants, a European metropolitan region with around one million inhabitants is developed. Szczecin is a growing economic center and as an old Hanseatic city has one of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea region. It is widely networked via the international airport Szczecin-Goleniów also by air and by the main station on the rail line. The city is a major research and university location, in addition to several private universities such as the business school there in Szczecin three state universities, the Technical University, the Medical University and the University of Szczecin, one of the largest universities in Poland. Stettin and also west of the Oder Powiat Policki location are historically Vorpommern ( "Stettiner Zipfel"), while the east of the Oder river part of the West Pomeranian Province is one mainly for historical Pomerania. Historical, cultural and tourist importance are the emblem of Szczecin, among other grasping Castle and the St. Jacob's Cathedral in the Old Town, the Philharmonic and the Hakenterrasse an der Oder with the National Museum. Most testers sports club in the city is the football club Pogoń Szczecin.