The Sanok Castle (Polish Zamek Królewski w Sanoku) is located in the center of Sanok, just 100 meters from the main square, at the Zamkowagasse 1 at Castle high banks of the San. The rebuilt in the mid-16th century into a Renaissance chateau former wooden castle houses today, the historical museum of the city. It is the most important attraction of Sanok. 1150 the place was first mentioned in writing, but only in 1339 he was given by George II. Stadtrecht.Am the May 2, 1417 married the Polish king Władysław II. Jagiello in the parish church of Sanok Elizabeth Granowska. After the death of Wladyslaw in 1434, his last wife Sophia of Halshany moved back to the castle Sanok. 1523-1548 was carried out the reconstruction of the Gothic castle in the Renaissance style. 1549 looked again fire home town. 1566 broke out a big fire and finally put almost the entire city to rubble. * Magdalena Grzebałkowska at the opening of the book "Beksińscy". (2014) * Sanok Castle. Gallery of Art of Zdzislaw Beksinski (south-west side)