Opalenica (German: Opalenitza) is a town of 9,000 inhabitants in Nowy Tomyśl County, Greater Poland Voivodeship in Poland. Opalenica is around 37 km from Poznan (Poznań) away. The municipality Opalenica borders the following municipalities: Nowy Tomyśl, Kuślin (district Nowy Tomyśl), Duszniki (Szamotuły County), Buk (district Poznań), Granowo and Grodzisk Wielkopolski. (County Grodzisk). First mentioned the place in 1393. was received its town charter Opalenica, which was then owned by TiCz Bar de Opalenicza (Tietz-Dietrich Bear), a representative of a Pomeranian knight family, between 1399 and 1401. 1793-1807 came Opalenica as a result of the second partition of Poland temporarily Prussian rule. Due to the Congress of Vienna came Opalenica 1815 again to Prussia, in 1918 it fell back to Poland. Opalenica is twinned with the Dutch Zevenbergen and Konigslutter and Storkow in Germany. By 2010, the largest youth soccer tournament in Poland took place every year in Opalenica of Remes Cup, instead. The national soccer team of Portugal had chosen the hotel REMES in Opalenica as his tribe from home during the European Football Championship 2012th