Nysa [nɨsa] (German Neisse, also in the spelling Neisse) is a city in Poland's Opole. She is 55 kilometers southwest of Opole (Opole) and is also the seat of the urban and rural municipality of the same and the Nysa County. From 1290 to 1810 the secularization Neisse was home to Breslauer prince bishops. Together with the Bishop's Principality Neisseblick reached Neisseblick 1342 as a fief to the crown Bohemia. After the First Silesian War in 1742 it coincided with most of Silesia to Prussia and after the Second World War in 1945 in Poland. Only with the restructuring of the province of Silesia Neisse was in 1816 incorporated the District of Opole and Silesia. After the destruction of the Second World War, the historic townscape is preserved only in fragments. The most important monuments were rebuilt. Because of its baroque architecture, it was called the "Silesian Rome".