The Krasiczyn Castle is located in the village of that name in Powiat Przemyski the Subcarpathian Province. The fortified castle was since the establishment of the family seat of the Castellan of Przemyśl, Stanisław Krasicki, since the 17th century voivode of Lublin in January Tarło, since the 30s of the 19th century Austrian statesman, chairman of the Galician parliament Prince Leon Sapieha. After the Second World War the castle was nationalized, in the castle rooms a forestry vocational school was established. In the seventies, the castle of the Warsaw automotive plants was taken as a convalescent home, since 1996, the castle was the property of the Agency for Industrial Development, which carried out the renovations. Since 2013, the descendants of the royal family Sapieha attempt to regain the castle by legal means.