Featherston is a small town in the south of the Wellington Region New Zealand. It is located in South Wairarapa District, north of the Rimutaka tunnel. At the 2006 census it had a population of 3,419 inhabitants. The city is located on the east side of the Rimutaka Range in Nöhe the north shore of Lake Wairarapa. It is located 37 km southwest of Masterton and 29 kilometers east of Upper Hutt. The Featherston Military Training Camp was an important military training center during World War II. During World War II it was used as Featherston prisoner of war camp for internment of prisoners of war. The city was known by 1943 that 31 Japanese prisoners of war were shot in the camp by the guards, who believed that they should be attacked by the prisoners. Featherston houses the world's only remaining Fell Locomotive in Fell Engine Museum. To the west of the city is one as One Tree Hill hill known (not to be confused with the One Tree Hill in Auckland). Although the hill is covered with trees, a single tree near the summit towers above all others. A hiking trail leads to this tree up, and on the other side of the hill down again. The area around the top of the hill and to provide access to the trail have been equipped in recent years with picnic tables, a new path created for the summit, which offers a view of the town. The tree itself is fenced, so that visitors do not pass through its roots and to discourage vandalism. Featherston has four elementary schools: St. Teresa's School, Featherston School, Kahutara Primary and South Featherston School. It had until the 1960s a high school (Featherston District High School). The city has two small supermarkets, a video library, a library and, among other stores numerous second hand and antique shops.