Maputo (to 1975 Lourenco Marques, 1975-1976 Cam Phumo) is the capital of Mozambique. The city of Maputo constitutes a separate administrative unit, Maputo Cidade, the surrounding province of Maputo is separated administratively since 1998 from the state capital and has its own provincial capital, Matola. The city lies on the Maputo Maputo Bay on the Indian Ocean and has according to official figures 989,386 inhabitants (Census 1997); since many people in the informal settlements, slums and homeless people are bureaucratic not recorded or do not have a residence permit, the number should actually be much higher. According to estimates, there were early 2004 1.073.938 inhabitants (2006: 1,200,000, 1,800,000 agglomeration). there is the Catholic Archdiocese of Maputo, an Anglican bishop's seat and two universities in Maputo.