Nouakchott (Arabic نواكشوط, DMG Nawākšūṭ dt. Nouakchott also) is the capital of Mauritania. With nearly 900,000 inhabitants, it is by far the most populous city and also the second largest port in the country. The convenient location Nouakchotts on the Atlantic Ocean in the south of the country was chosen in 1958 to build on the site of a village with 500 inhabitants at the end of the French colonial period a capital for the independent expectant country. At independence in 1960, the population was still in the thousands; by rural-urban migration due to economic crises and droughts in the 1970s and 1980s, the population has since risen largely unplanned to over 820,000 in the year of 2010. Much of the newcomers live far from the planned Western-style business center in spacious quarters in cheap accommodation with inadequate infrastructure in all areas.